"Learn the Secrets Discovered by Top Income Earners
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So You Can Live The Life Of Your Dreams NOW"
Doesn't it make sense that if you KNOW what Top Income Earners know, and you DO what THEY do, that you too can be successful building a home based business?
"So, what do THEY KNOW... Systems Can Be Duplicated But People Can NOT!"

Discover Why Most People Fail But You Don't Have To

People burn through the friends and family list very quickly after starting your business opportunity and have NO ONE LEFT TO TALK TO!

People either are not good at live prospecting in the mall or movie theatre line or simple don't want to do that type of prospecting.

People do not have the money to buy leads, that 9 times out of 10 are junk and are either a quick hang up or you are just to broke to even join a business opportunity.

People DO NOT want to cold call businesses or job seekers or other typical ideas your upline is trying to sell them on.

People do not know how to create your own systems with lead capture pages and other KEY marketing ingredients for your business, nor do the know where to go to market or advertise without spending lots of money...

Now what if you had a System to tackle ALL these issues and supply you with every tool you needed to succeed and more PLUS supply you with an endless amount of TRUE Qualified Leads...Then there would be many many more hitting those 6 figure incomes, besides the select few you normally see in a company!
Jason Cox

Jason Cox
  Hello, My name is Jason Cox from the sunshine state of Florida. I have been using the Priceless Possibilities Website system for over 4 years now.

I love the fact that the system allows me to really only work with the people that have opted into our system and have shown a sincere desire to get more information about our opportunity, therefore I am not wasting my time talking to the wrong people.

I also like the fact that there is always someone there to get your questions answered when you need them. By far the Priceless Possibilities system is the best I have ever seen. There simply not a system out there that can compare.
The typical marketer will continue to market ONLY one way...with the old school techniques. Now old school techniques can work to a degree but you need to take it to another level and build on top of those efforts and get with the 21st century.

Think about it...EVERY industry in the world has evolved because of Technology and The Systems behind the technology. I can think of an industry that hasn't.

Do not get left behind here....Open your eyes to what is happening in this and EVERY industry. If you jump on board the system and technology train it WILL take you right to the success station!

It Only Takes 2 Things to be a Lot More Successful

All networkers need is some Real Training and Instruction and a Real Marketing System and their chances of being a success would go through the roof.

Our Company has spent over 2 million dollars building this system and about $200,000 in training materials and we continually add to the training section in our back office. We spent all that money so you don't have to!


The Creator of the Viral Prospector System, Michael Price, has invested approximately $200,000 to learn from people who are the best in their fields such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and many top Internet Marketing Experts (see below) by purchasing their Live Seminars, Books, CDs, and joining Mastermind Groups with the world's top marketers.

The following pictures are just of few of the many live training events Michael has attended so he could learn from Top Internet Marketers.
  Michael with Matt Bacak   Michael with Alex Madossian   Michael with Alex Madossian   Michael with Stu McClaren   Michael with Russell Brunson
  Michael with
Frank Kern
  Michael with
Alex Mandossian
  Michael with
Armand Morin
  Michael with
Ryan Deiss
  Michael with
Russell Brunson
  Michael with Matt Bacak   Michael with Rick Raddatz   Michael with Ewin Chia   Michael with Stu McClaren   Edwin Chia with Ray Edwards
  Michael with
Matt Bacak
  Michael with
Rick Raddatz
  Michael with
Ewin Chia
  Michael with
Stu McLaren
  Michael with
Ray Edwards
  Michael with Rick Raddatz   Michael with Ewin Chia   Michael with Simon Yeung   Michael with Simon Yeung   Michael with Nick Marks
  Michael with
Ed Dale
  Michael with
Jason Moffatt
  Michael with
Jeff Johnson
  Michael with
Simon Leung
  Michael with
Nick Marks
The Huge Investment to learn from Top Experts Michael made (and will continue to make) is very important to you because he will TRAIN YOU!This would normally cost at least $300/hour and you get 4 hours of his training EVERY month (archived in our Private Training Area if you miss a call).

So we take all the knowledge Michael has gained over the years on what works and what doesn't and hand it to you so you don't have to buy the training, but more importantly you are not wasting money on techniques that do not work! Of course, we continously add training materials from other Top Marketers to our Private Training Area for Members.
Discover How These Amazing Tools Will Make You Lots of Money!
Website Features
FREE website for 30 days, so you have No Risk to try it
Library of Lead Capture Pages with the Option to choose a Virtual Host
Niche Specific Lead Capture pages for Targeted Marketing
Ability to create your Own Lead Capture pages with your own video
Ability to have an Unlimited Number of Websites for Just 1 Low Monthly fee
UNIQUE Communication Features
Library of existing Autoresponder Campaigns to Increase Exposure
Ability to write your own Autoresponder Campaigns
Library of Audio & Video Postcards that get a lot more people to open and view them
Ability to create your own Audio and Video Postcards to brand themselves
Ability to be notified by Email & Text Message when prospects complete a survey
Chat Feature to notify the distributor when a prospect is on your website, what page the prospect is on and what Ad you responded to
Training Features
We Have a Library of Training from Top Internet Marketers to Dramatically Increase Exposure
We add to our Training library CONTINUOUSLY that we have spent countless 1000's of dollars to build
PLUS we have both LIVE and recorded training calls EVERY WEEK
We Provide You With a Library of Marketing Tools (Online & Offline) to Increase Exposure to Your Website & Teach You How to Use Them EFFECTIVELY!
We have spent close to $200,000 on training materials, mastermind groups with the worlds top marketers and social media experts to supply our members the knowledge you need to succeed.
Lead Generation Features
Valuable FREE bonuses offered to your prospects for opting into a Lead Capture page
Library of Approved Lead Vendors IF you want to purchase leads
Step by step marketing to generate organic traffic and FREE leads!
Additional Bonuses offered to propects for entering contact info of 3 others...This has now turned 1 lead into 4...It's powerful AND IT WORKS!
Ad Tracking and Contact Management Features
Powerful Contact Manager to better Manage Contacts, Save Time and Increase Sales
Rate Prospects so Distributors Can Use your Time Wisely Which Will Increase Sales
Add Notes to Improve Ability to Enroll Prospects
Search Feature Saves Time & Increases Prospects Feeling you Know, Like & Trust them
Reminders to Improve Follow Up Which Will Increase Sales
See time and date prospects opened your email and much more...
. Ability to Track your Marketing Efforts so you know what is working and what isn’t
. Website Statistics
. Charts and Graphs to Immediately Identify Marketing Efforts
. Shows detailed info on # of visitors and # of opt ins and percentages and much more!
And the Best part...
All you pay is just $29.97 per month
It's Easy to Get your system FREE Each Month - Click to Learn More
Its EASY to use and Very Powerful
And MUCH more! (don’t want to make this page a mile long listing everything!)
Teddy Dye

Teddy Dye
  Hi this is Teddy Dye of Swords Creek, Virginia. I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know how much I love my Priceless Possibilities websites. The back office is remarkable. Some of the amazing features include getting started video training, auto responders, ad tracking, and the ability to chat Live with prospects at the time they are looking at your website.

With the ad tracking tools it's easy to see which advertisements are bring in the best leads. Another great feature is the ability to set up multiple websites to help target different audiences for the same incredibly low price. In the past I have paid more than double for only one website without all these great features. Priceless Possibilities websites makes it easy to attract new customers. Give them a try, you will be glad you did.
 Why Systems Are Critical To Your Success
Have you ever wondered why McDonald's, one of the most successful businesses ever created, can easily be operated and managed by TEENAGERS? you have Million Dollar SYSTEMS so you don't need Million Dollar employees!

Systems Can Be Duplicated, but People Can NOT! Without Duplication, you will never achieve Financial and Time Freedom. Systems are the Key to Duplication!

So what makes a Million Dollar System? You must have a System that is Easy to Duplicate, based on a Proven Recipe!
What Makes a Recipe so Simple That Anyone Can Duplicate It?
If you had a Proven Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies and you had all of the Ingredients and you followed the recipe by knowing:

What to do …
When to do it … and
How to do it …

Could you easily make Chocolate Chip Cookies? Of course you could. But what if you didn't have a RECIPE?

What if you looked at the list of 10 ingredients, realized you didn't have some ingredients and you have never made Chocolate Chip Cookie before … would you even try to make cookies?

Probably not! And even if you tried, would you be able to guarantee success?

What if instead, you ordered some pre-made cookie dough that was pre-sliced, and it was even delivered right to your door ... and it had simple instructions that said something like:

A) Preheat Oven to 350 degrees
B) Open package and put cookie dough on a cookie tray 1 inch apart
C) Put tray in the oven for 10 minutes

Could you make Chocolate Chip Cookies following that recipe? Of course you can … why … because it is a Simple Proven System (Recipe) with ALL of the Ingredients!

3 Necessary Ingredients For a Proven System

You will be much more successful when you use the 3 Necessary Ingredients for a Proven System.

1) You Need Prospects - The more Prospects you have, the more money you make! But what if you don't know how to tap into the endless stream of prospects?

2) You need prospects to do business with you - The more effective you are at motivating prospects to join your opportunity, the more money you make! But, have you ever thought, "I'm not a salesperson?"

3) You need your team to Duplicate #1 and #2 - the more Effectively you TRAIN your team to duplicate your efforts, the more successful you will be and the more money you make! But what if you aren't a great trainer or don't have the time to train your team effectively?
Why the Lack of a Proven System Creates Failure
Every successful business needs a steady stream of prospects. So, why don't most people have enough prospects when the average person knows hundreds of people?

First, you share a new business opportunity with your friends and associates, but you are ineffective when you don't have a Proven System to present the opportunity for them. This is the key to succeeding, period!

Often, many well-meaning friends may put down your efforts. The rejection from friends doesn't feel good, so what do most people do? you stop prospecting or begin using ineffective methods of prospecting. Most, simply quit the business before you've given themselves a chance to succeed. Sound familiar?
How the Viral Prospector System Provides the 3 Necessary Ingredients
First, the Viral Prospector System has an Automated process to Generate Quality FREE LEADS for you. As well, it has many effective ways to drive a lot of prospects to your website and motivate them to enter your contact information so you only spend time with people (like you) who are seriously interested in making money from home.

Second, the Viral Prospector System Automatically sends unlimited follow up messages to your prospects educating them about how to successfully build a home based business. This makes you look like an expert at building a home based business, and increases the likelihood that prospects will do business with you.

Third, the Viral Prospector System provides you amazing training from Top Internet Marketers, who make millions of dollars a year online. As well, it provides you training from Top Network Marketers making $20,000 a month or more!

And the best part, is that all of this is easily available for you. When you learn how to Leverage the Power of the Internet, you can have REJECTION FREE marketing so you will have:

#1 - A Lot More Prospects
#2 - Prospects Much More Motivated to do business with you, and
#3 - The Necessary Training to be successful.
Systems Can Be Duplicated--People Can't!

The Fortune Is In the Follow Up!

Experts have proven that Sales increase on average at least 53% between the 2nd and 6th follow up! If you are not following up with potential customers at least 6 times, you might as well BURN YOUR MONEY!

But just as important as sending multiple follow up messages, is the QUALITY of the Content, because if you don't send your prospects what you want, then you won't read it.

So what if you were to follow up not just 6 times, but Indefinitely with Quality Content Your Prospects WANT to receive? Doesn't it make sense that you would have Much Better Results? Of course it does.

Our system AUTOMATICALLY follows up with your prospects for you INDEFINITELY and sends them Quality Content so you see you an an Expert at building a Home Based Business.

Imagine having a system working for you 24/7, regardless of whether you are spending time with loved ones, sharing this opportunity with others, or even if you are sleeping!


Mona McClelland
  As a network marketer and trainer for many different online network marketing systems I am truly impressed with the thought and tools that have been put into the Viral Prospector system to make it THE Most comprehensive and complete network marketing training system in the industry.

The results I have seen from tapping into the step by step video marketing tutorials have been nothing short of effective and amazing. What truly sets this system apart from all the rest is its ability to generate an endless supply of quality leads for free. And with three referrals my Viral Prospector system is free.

Every Network Marketer from EVERY company can now tap into a system that will allow them to LEARN very effective and low to no cost marketing strategies and give your teams and downlines a system of duplication to create a solid foundation for long term sustainable businesses which of course means higher profits for all.
All Most Networkers Are Doing Is Prolonging
The Inevitable If you Don’t Change your Ways.

Consider yourself Very lucky you landed on this page because you will know have the information you need to succeed!

 You are about to see THE most powerful marketing system available anywhere Bar None. And if you follow through here it WILL change your life.

With the knowledge and tools you will have at your disposal you can now take ANY business opportunity and make it a successful endeavor!

I say this with EXTREME confidence because we have been supplying this system for over a decade and have seen first hand the dramatic success stories of people using OUR system and marketing tools to achieve their goals and now you too can have that success.

Those success stories were possible because we know what works and what doesn`t and we give our members all that knowledge so they don`t have to learn the hard way.(and usually waste a lot of money in the process)

We have literally invested MILLIONS in this system, as well as on training ourselves on the skills that are needed to make this all come together.

Bottom line is if you are not using technology and systems you are dead in the water.

Don’t Be Another Statistic…

Leave the struggles behind...Take The First Step To Success NOW!

Get with the program and start using The Most Powerful System available TODAY and SET YOURSELF APART and start making the money you deserve.

Click Here to See a Comparison Between Our System and Other Popular Email Services
Michelle Breuer

Michelle Breuer
  My name is Michelle Breuer and I’ve been in the network marketing industry for over 4 years now. The biggest challenge in any company I’ve been with is generating good quality leads and team duplication. No more! The Viral Prospector has solved the two major problems.

Not only does it position you as a home business expert through the unlimited pre-written content rich autoresponders but it also generates FREE Quality leads for the members using the system. Not only that but it is so affordable it’s almost ridiculous.

We’ve been paying close to $20 per month for our auto responder system through Aweber for years and that is all it is, an autoresponder system where, BTW we have to write all of our own emails. Well for $10 more a month, VP provides us all of the flexibility and capabilities of Aweber but has so many other features, like the ability to send video and audio postcards, a live chat feature so you know when a prospect is visiting your site, live training calls on marketing plus a constantly growing library of marketing training, banners, text links, emails, website templates, the list goes on and on and on.

Here It Is In A Nutshell...

The majority of network marketers have no clue how to build a home based businesses. What is happening is that you are just being lead done a road to no where.

I think you would like to know how the successful ones are making the big money wouldn’t you?  Well it’s really not all that complicated and OUR System covers ALL the bases.…

It is pretty much just a three step process that leads you on the path to success.

First there is Lead Generation

Let’s face it if you are not generating leads that’s just about the end of the road.

Leads are like the fuel for your car…No Gas No Go. So if want to drive and drive fast…Fill Er Up!

The Viral Prospecting system will generate Quality Free Leads.
Here are Just a Couple Ways You Will Generate Leads...
Offering FREE bonuses to your prospects gets them to opt in the your system PLUS
Get up to 6 Additional Leads From Each Prospect by offering them our exclusive additional
  FREE bonuses for making those referrals...THIS WORKS LIKE MAGIC!!
By following our step by step maketing instructions you will ALWAYS have a steady stream for
  quality FREE leads delivered to your website.
We also have RATED and Approved Lead Vendors right in your back office if you want to purchase leads. The Leads are AUTOMATICALLY integrated into our automated SYSTEM!
Then There Is Personal Branding

People do business with people they Know Like and Trust.

People do not join business or companies they join you if they feel that bond, and feel confident you are going to help them get the necessary knowledge and a system to build their business.

The Viral Prospecting System is a branding machine. From customized capture pages with your video to video postcards to our contact manager which keeps you right on top of things.
Finally you want to Build A Relationship With Prospects Whether They Want To Join Your Business Opportunity Or Not!

This is KEY. And Nothing positions you better to do this than The Viral Prospecting System.

Don’t listen to the company when they tell you to eat sleep and breathe their opportunity. That’s the quickest way to nowheresville. Make the prospect want you whether they want your opportunity or not.

The Viral Prospector System Automatically sends out Quality Content about how to successfully build a home based business. Your prospect will think you wrote the messages and that you are an Expert at building a home based business.

They will WANT to contact you if they are serious about wanting to build a home based business. Don`t underestimate the power of this as people like to do business with people they know, like and trust.

With our Quality Content (as opposed to what almost every other networker sends), your prospects will see you as someone who is an Expert, and has THEIR best interest in mind. Prospects WILL WANT you!

In addition, unlike any other system we`ve seen, we send an UNLIMITED number of follow up messages Automatically. This is very unique as we can literally continually add to the Autoresponder Campaign received by prospects so you NEVER need to follow up with them unless you want to and the EXTRA exposure they will get from our UNLIMITED Autoresponder Campaign will help them to REMEMBER you.

"You Get The Viral Prospecting System for ONLY $29.97 Per Month PLUS The Ability To Get It ABSOLUTLEY FREE By Referring Just 3 Members!"

Look At Some Typical MONTHLY Marketing Expenses
Library of Targeted Videos $30
Auto Responder Service $20
Ad Tracking Service $20
Typical Website Builder Site $20
Audio/Video Virtual Postcards $20
Live Chat Feature $20
Ability to Create Your Own Lead Capture Pages $20
Ability to Create Your Own Sales Pages $20
Bonus Pages to Increase Prospects to Opt In $10
Contact Manager $10
Web Banners $10
Unlimited # of websites included in our low monthly fee Priceless
PLUS Additional Bonus Pages to Increase Referrals Priceless
Tons of Training Priceless
Unlimited Subdomains Priceless
TOTAL $180+ Per Month
You Get The Viral Prospecting System for ONLY $29.97 Per Month PLUS The Ability To Get It ABSOLUTELY FREE By Referring Just 3 Members!
PS. Bill Gates said 1 of the 3 necessary keys to success is to take massive action. Start your 30 Day FREE Trial RIGHT NOW ... you'll be so glad you did!

PPS. You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE. It`s a FREE Trial with no obligation. We offer this because we know once you see the power of our automated system you will quickly realize we have the most complete system available BAR NONE!